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Genus Illume Alpha

Led by a clear understanding of flying insect behavior, Illumé Alpha imitates the look and feel of a modern lighting xture whilst providing excellent insect attraction.

Features and Benefits​
  • Mimicking the appearance of a modern lighting xture, the Illumé Alpha is perfect for sensitive front of house locations

  •  Available with 2 x 15 W BL or BLB UVA lamps which provide fast ying insect attraction

  • Available in a range of colours to complement or contrast existing decor

  • Large and discreet HACCP compliant glue board catches all ying insects

  •  Electronic ballast engineering for greater power ef ciency and reduced running costs

Illumé Alpha is designed to offer discreet insect control for all public sensitive front of house locations such as dining areas, cafés and bars. Illumé Alpha uses well-proven ultraviolet (UV) light technology to attract ying insects into the body of the unit. The UV light is created by two highly ef cient 15 W lamps, which are available either as Black Light (BL) or Black Light Blue (BLB).

Once attracted to the unit, the insects are caught on a specially formulated HACCP compliant glue board. The glue board is hidden from view within
the Illumé Alpha’s body and can be quickly and easily changed as required. Illumé Alpha is available in a range of colours and nishes to suit any décor. The unit can be hard wired or alternatively a mains lead and plug is supplied to facilitate easy installation.

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