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Proven in laboratory tests, Translucent TechnologyTM makes Genus® CobraTM the most effective ying insect control unit of its kind, consistently outperforming competitor units by offering more than twice the UVa light output.

Features and Benefits​
  • Transculent Technology catches more flies, faster 

  • Optional IP45 Rated unit for ue in wet and wash-down areas

  • Quick release front cover for fast and easy servicing

  • Low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions

  • HACCP compliant glue board system with large catch area

the genus® cobratM’s translucent cover and internal re ector panels give ‘all-round’ UVa transmission and fewer blind spots for a larger UVa footprint and maximum attraction area. it is even effective against smaller, hard to catch species like Fruit Flies.

in public areas, genus® cobratM provides silent, discreet, out of sight control with translucent cover complementing any décor.

For back of house locations, the option of 30 and 45 Watt lamps and the iP45 certi ed genus® cobratM Jet unit for wet-wash areas makes it the ideal solution in any operating area.

easy access ‘hands-free’ servicing and wipe-down cleaning ensure continuous assured control and smart, hygienic appearance at all times.

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