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Ideal for: restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets, meat packing plants, industrial plants, hospitals,
agriculture or wherever flies are a threat to health, hygiene and sanitation. No sprays, no poisons, no odors. 
Meets USDA requirements for use in food handling facilities when used as directed.

FC 8800Y

120 watts UV lure power
Coverage: 2000 sq.ft. (185.8 sq. meters)
Controls night flying insects up to two
acres (8000 sq. meters). Space 11m apart
Three powerful 40W high intensity black
light bulbs.Mounts vertically or horizontally
(requires other optional collection tray).
For indoor and outdoor use, dumpsters
and trash recepticals.
Removable collection tray.

​Unit Dimensions:​

Unit Dimensions: 66.67cm x 30.5x 30.5cm
Weight: 19.7 lbs (8.9 kg.)
Replacement Bulb: BF-150 (3) 40W

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